Why the Nordics?

The idea of  cross border interoperability is nothing new. Lots of discussions have been had around the topic and several initiatives have started without actually reaching the ultimate goal – the opportunity for citizens to travel cross national borders feeling safe their needed patient data and history will be available at the point of care, if needed.

With an ever more travelling world, the need for solutions to support this mobility are crucial and important. Even so, many initiatives have not succeeded with their ambition of cross national border patient mobility.  So why should a initiative in the Nordics have a better chance for success?

The Nordics is a perfect “test bed” for cross border patient mobility due to several reasons, of which some are:
-Only 5 counties geographically close in a small corner of the world
-A total of “only” approximately 27 million inhabitants
-Long common history and background
-Similar languages which makes dialogue quite easy
-A common Nordic welfare model
-Trust based and democratic  societies –

You can read more about the Nordics and initiatives for Nordic cooperation here: